Physical Level

First Level –Opening The Breath

Addressing the physical level is essential to any form of breathwork. It is where all breathwork should begin. Dr. Judith Kravitz has created a unique approach to addressing this through her Breathing Analysis technique. This empirically proven method for observing, understanding, and facilitating the opening and healing of the unique breathing pattern of each breather.

The initial objective is to use the correct breathing muscles (primarily the diaphragm) that lead to the opening of the flow of air to access the whole respiratory system. Then ultimately to have a freer, more frequent flow of breath, coming in and out.

The first thing we do on the physical level is to identify where one’s breath is open or restricted by having the breather lie down and do simple connected (with no pauses) mouth breathing. 

Our professionals are trained to identify these restricted patterns and on how to eliminate them and expand the flow of air throughout the respiratory system. 

The open flowing breathing pattern is essential to integrate the issues that arise from the previously restricted areas. By opening the breath and changing the breathing, pattern transformation occurs in the personality, areas of expression, and life issues. Improved health and energetic balance are also typical results.