Certification Path

Transformational Breath® can help people heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, providing them with profound insights into their lives. As a facilitator, you have the opportunity to help others journey towards healing and self-discovery. This can be an immensely rewarding experience, both for you and for your clients.

If you have felt called to be of service to others this is a powerful modality that can help you create positive change in the world.

Personal Levels


Before you can facilitate Transformational Breath® for others, it is essential that you have a strong relationship with your breath.

Breathwork is an intimate practice that requires you to be in touch with your emotions and intuition. By working on your personal transformation first, you can develop the necessary skills and awareness to create a safe and supportive space for others

This is why the certification path begins with the Transformational Breath Seminar. This 6-day event covers levels 1 to 3, also known as the personal levels. 

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Facilitator Certification

Total Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator Hours: 500

Level Four (Part A & B)

Level Four is the official start of the Professional Path. During this 14-day training, you will acquire the skills needed to become a Transformational Breath Facilitator. Once you have completed level 4, you will have one year to fulfill the certification requirements. Between in-class training, practice hours, personal study hours, and your internship, you will complete a world-class 500-hour certification program.

Upon completion, you will be fully qualified to facilitate one-on-one sessions.

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Online Session Certification

50 Hours 

As a  Transformational Breath Facilitator, you have the option to get certified to offer Online Sessions. Since Transformational Breath® is a hands-on technique, you must learn the additional skills you will need to create a safe environment for yourself and your client if you want to work remotely.

The training is available through our Online Academy. You can study at your own pace and get certified from the comfort of your own home. 

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Group Leader

Total Additional Hours: 100
Cumulative Certified Transformational Breath Group Leader
TM Hours: 600

Level Five

Level 5 is a 7-day training where you will acquire and practice the skills needed to lead group sessions and workshops. Once you have completed the requirements and passed the evaluation, you will be certified as a Group Leader and will qualify to apply for a Trainer apprenticeship. 

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Total Additional Hours: 175
Cumulative Certified Transformational Breath Trainer
 Hours: 775


To be certified as a Transformational Breath Trainer, you must apply and be accepted by a Senior Trainer as an apprentice. Once certified, you will be qualified to lead Introductory Training Events

Senior Trainer

Total Additional Hours: 150
Cumulative Certified Transformational Breath Senior Certification
 Hours: 925


You will be qualified to lead Transformational Breath® Seminars upon completing the certification process. 

Continuous Education Program

Total Additional Hours: 100


Offered through our Online Academy, this course is designed for Transformational Breath Facilitators and Trainers to grow and strengthen all aspects of their professional practice. Such as advanced facilitation techniques, advanced breathing analysis, how to best care for your clients and yourself, how to build a thriving professional practice, work with specialty groups, and understand how Breathwork fits into the body of Cognitive Therapy. 

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