Transformational Breath® Professional Training

Facilitator Training

If you feel called to help people live more authentic and Joy-Filled lives, this is the training for you!


As a Certified Facilitator, you will be able to help people connect to their breath and use it as a tool for self-healing and transformation.

During this training, you will expand your intuitive capabilities, experience accelerated personal growth, and create a more profound commitment to the breath.

Facilitator Training starts with Level Four, where you will learn the skills and techniques needed to practice Transformational Breath® on a professional level. During the 14 days of training, you will receive in-depth personal tutoring and mentoring from a Level Four Certified Trainer. The residential setting of the training provides an opportunity to bond with your training group and become part of an international network of breathers and Facilitators.


Level Four A

During the first part of the Facilitator Training, you will learn:
  • Session structure and protocol.
  • Breathing Analysis: the science of observing a client's breathing pattern to interpret it and decide on the steps needed to facilitate a full, connected, and continuous breathing pattern.
  • Bodymapping: Transformational Breath's unique form of hands-on facilitation to help a client integrate emotional trauma.
  • How to recognize and promote activation: when the breath flows naturally and effortlessly, creating a frequency that allows and promotes profound emotional integration.
  • How to identify cycles of integration and how to manage them properly in a session.
  • The five main areas of integration.
  • Miracle Consciousness Program.
  • How to stay present in the moment and work beyond human limitations.
  • How to recognize when your mind is getting in the way and how to relinquish any personal agenda during the session.
  • How to develop your sensitivity to your client's needs.
  • How to develop your intuition as a facilitator.
  • Spirit's role.

PREREQUISITE: Levels 1 to 3 

Level Four B

Level 4B is the second part of the professional training, where you will learn:
  • Transformational Breath® Coaching Process.
  • How to use coaching and leverage to help your clients.
  • Advanced facilitation techniques such as throat work.
  • Advanced Breathing Analysis.
  • How to safely work with Specialty Groups: such as children, pregnant women, elderly, heart conditions, and asthma, among others.
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Breathing.
  • Torus Breathing Session.

In level 4B, you will receive feedback and coaching on your paired sessions, and we will have an energetic initiation to help you gain clarity on your Mission in Transformational Breath and how to work from a place of joy and empowerment.

 Level Five 

Level 5 is our TEACHER TRAINING.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Level 4. 

This 7-day course is designed to be highly experiential and life-changing. Whether your mission is to become a Transformational Breath Trainer or not, this program is a tremendous opportunity to expand your ability to express your truth, gain confidence, and share who you are with more joy and faith than ever. In addition to developing a deeper understanding of advanced Transformational Breath consciousness and technique, we will practice:

  • Effective presentation skills
  • Teaching from a place of mission
  • Group dynamics and leadership
  • Organizing material and structuring your program
  • Supporting the various ways in which people learn
  • Expanding your capacity to lead from the heart
  • Clarification of goals and the power of intention
  • Expressing yourself authentically from the heart
  • Lots of breathing, connecting, and fun!
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