Tuition Information


Basic Rates

Personal Seminar:
$1,500 for the 6-day training. The minimum deposit is $500.

Level IV:
$3,950 for the full 14 days of training. The minimum deposit is $700.

Level V:
$2,500 for the 7-day experience. The minimum deposit is $700.

Introductory Programs:
Range from $350 - $500. Applies to the Presence of Breath™, Reclaim Your Breath™, Reclaim Your SuperPowers™ events, and other Introductory Programs.


How Rates Vary

  • Venue - Our program rates may adhere to our host site's Price structure (e.g., Kripalu).
  • Economy - The regional or local Economy in some parts of the world may increase or decrease the program cost.
  • Trainer - Due to high demand, Judith's rates typically command a 20% or higher tuition. Our other Trainers may sometimes offer a lower rate still within range.



Ask Trainer if any of several discounts are available.

  • Early Registration: Many events, especially the Introductory Training Programs, offer a discount for paying in full before a specific date.
  • Multi-Program: Receive 10% off Level IV if you pay before or during your Seminar week.
  • Couples: When two people register and pay together.
  • Seniors: Many 65 and over are on fixed incomes, so we offer a partial scholarship for the Seminar.
  • Children & Teens: Sometimes, a family wishes to attend, so we have partial scholarships for those 17 and under.
  • Payment Plans: Some events allow multiple payments.


Refund Policy


This policy applies to any paid events hosted by Breath Ventures Inc. dba Transformational Breath Foundation ONLY, where Judith Kravitz is the lead Trainer. For events posted on the worldwide schedule led by other Trainers, please refer to the terms set forth by the event organizer during your registration process.

Event Cancellation

If TBF cancels an event, all tuition paid is fully refunded to Student.


If a Student notifies TBF beforehand that they cannot attend, all tuition paid is held as credit with the following provisions:

  • The money becomes "Transferable" to another event led by Judith Kravitz but Not Refundable.
  • The funds held may be transferred to a future "equal" event (e.g., Seminar for another Seminar) or be "upgraded" and applied towards a higher level training event (e.g., a Reclaim Your Breath™ to a Seminar).
  • The transfer is valid for 12 months. (Time extensions are permitted if no other applicable event is offered within the next calendar year beginning on the date when the transfer/credit is granted).
  • The funds are not transferable to another person.
Extraordinary Circumstance

For rare occurrences such as natural disasters, acts of God, war, plague, event venue closing down, or any unforeseen situation that neither TBF nor Student has control over, the transaction is regarded as a Rescheduling and/or Relocation. The funds become transferable with the same provisions as above. Please consult the TBF Office to find the best schedule option to continue your training.

Please Note:

If you cancel late and we incur charges for your room, your deposit will be used to cover those charges, and the remaining balance will be transferable toward tuition.

Internet-Based Events

For online or hybrid events, all of the above terms apply.