Mental & Emotional  Level

Second Level –Clearing & Integration Of The Subconscious

Once the breath has opened to some degree while using the fully connected Transformational Breath® method, something we call “activation” can occur. This is where the breath becomes automatic or semi-automatic. This is the intelligence of the breath or life force that knows where it needs to flow to achieve energetic integration.

The high vibrational energy created through the connected breathing pattern produces an entrainment effect in the electromagnetic field. This allows vibrational patterns such as repressed feelings, memories, and thoughts to be permanently transformed into higher vibrational states.

Some of the integration that happens includes birth trauma, traumas from other times, authority and parental issues, self-sabotage patterns, unconscious source urge, and any other negativity in the subconscious.

This 2nd Level is truly a gift that allows us access to patterns in our daily lives and in the subconscious and an effective way to permanently resolve them at their energetic core level.