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Transformational Breath: A Pathway to Joy and Well-being

Jun 05, 2022

By Angela Leake 

I show my client to the door. He hugs me and with a huge grin tells me "I’ve tried so many things over the years, and it feels as if this is exactly what I’ve been looking for". 

This kind of remark is typical of how people feel and what they say after a Transformational Breathing session. It may be hard to believe but learning to make friends with our breath and to utilise its incredible healing power literally changes lives. About 70% of our physical energy comes from our breath and about 9 out of every 10 of us aren’t using our lungs fully. Take a moment to check how you’re breathing now. Do you inhale deeply into the whole of your respiratory system and relax fully as you exhale? Chances are you don’t, and that means you are limiting the amount of energy available to you every minute of every day. And that’s only part of the story. 

It’s not a new idea that conscious breathing is good for you; it has been part of Yogic disciplines for centuries, and was popularised in the West in the latter part of the 20th century through techniques such as Rebirthing. Transformational Breathing was developed over the past 20 years by Dr. Judith Kravitz in the USA and builds on the historical understanding of these disciplines, with some radical differences that make the Transformational Breath experience unique. It is a dynamic technique that is still evolving: not afraid to keep expanding the boundaries of who we are and what we can achieve with the power of our own breath. 

Transformational Breathing differs from other breathwork techniques in both intention and method. For example, according to Leonard Orr, the founder of the Rebirthing movement, the aim of Rebirthing is to remember and re-experience birth in order to remove the association of primal pain. Dr Kravitz defines the intention of Transformational Breathing as " ... to remember and re- experience Spirit by removing imprint patterns of trauma from the soul memory". This process of opening up the unique breathing pattern of each individual is facilitated by various means, including hands on techniques, the use of affirmations, a sound technique called "toning", and the conscious invocation of Spirit. Transformational Breath does not require a particular spiritual belief system, or indeed any at all, but rather seeks to work consciously with the Body/Mind/Spirit system that makes up the totality of who we are. 

The reported benefits of Transformational Breathing are very diverse and no two sessions are ever the same. Most people are consciously aware after the first session that they are breathing more deeply than ever before, and often report a feeling of great physical well being and energy. Emotions which have been blocked, usually for many years are released in a gentle way that leaves people feeling peaceful and free from stress. When the breath is open and old emotions are cleared from the subconscious in this way, people can also experience a powerful sense of spiritual connection and it is not unusual to have people report seeing angels or connecting with spirit guides. And although Transformational Breathing makes no claim to heal any condition, there have been some amazing reports of spontaneous healing which can take place when the tensions held in the mind/body are resolved and released. 

One of the (many!) things I love about Transformational Breathing is, it’s a technique you learn from a facilitator in a matter of a few sessions and then can use for yourself for the rest of your life. A full, open breath is our birthright and learning to use this technique gives you a tool to access the life, energy and happiness we all deserve. The smiles and looks of serenity on the faces of 99% of the people I work with as they leave confirm time and again that this work offers something unique that is fast acting, simple to learn and with no side effects. So, if you find your curiosity aroused, if you know you aren’t breathing fully or if you would like more energy, a greater sense of purpose, or more emotional freedom in your life, why not give it a try? 


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