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The Importance of Breathing The Young

by judith kravitz Jun 05, 2022

by Judith Kravitz 

Learning to breathe properly is a grossly neglected, critical function that seems to be overlooked in almost all cultures. We teach our young to bathe, brush their teeth, eat properly, social manners, and other daily functions, yet for some reason we have never found it valuable enough to educate our young as to how to breathe or about the many wonderful benefits that come from conscious and open breathing. 

The reasons that most of us shut down our breathing early on in life are not complex or difficult to overcome, and yet since so little attention is given to this important matter, most people are stuck with their dysfunctional breathing patterns their whole lives. This, in turn, has had a profound impact 

on every aspect of their life. The need to teach the young ones to breathe and work with the breath has become increasingly important as so many big challenges face each new generation. 

Children are now, and have always been, the future of the world, and the young here now are very special souls who have come to help us transition through the chaos of the last vestiges of the Piscean age to the golden years of the New Age and the 1000 years of peace ahead. Many children feel overwhelmed dealing with so many conditions that are unique to these unprecedented and fast-moving times. 

Some of the trying conditions facing the youth of the world today are, drug addiction at an epidemic level, increased peer pressure, media poisoning and programming, mass murders at schools, environmental crisis, mobile society, high divorce rate, and living in a world that could end at any moment, just to name some. The need for a powerful and transformational tool for our children couldn’t be greater. 

Transformational Breath® can offer children so many solutions to what they are now facing and give them the most valuable resource to enhance their lives, every day, in every way. 

Here are just some of the beneficial ways that Transformational Breath can make a big difference in a shaping the life of any child. 

Breathing and health. It is a proven medical fact that increased oxygen is now becoming an effective method for treating diseases. Oxygen is the major building block for healthy cellular regeneration and the primary way our bodies detoxify. There are many diseases that have been identified as anaerobic, meaning the diseased cells cannot live in an oxygenated field. Children diagnosed with respiratory illness now have a drug-free remedy to overcome those symptoms. 

Breathing to balance and open the energy flow. One of the first objectives in Transformational Breath is to open closed areas of the respiratory system, which when accomplished not only allows more oxygen and life-force into the body, but creates better energy balance and flow within the energy field. Energy levels increase greatly as one expands their capacity to take in more oxygen or prana, and the life-force circulates throughout the entire body and energy system. 

Grounding in the body and ability to focus attention. One of the most common diagnoses for children as a learning disability is ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder). Interestingly this can usually shift simply by teaching these children to breathe more deeply into their bellies and thereby bringing their energy more fully into their bodies and ground that energy. Traditionally, in Transformational Breath when this happens clients become more grounded, have more focus, and hold their attention better. 

Resolve emotional issues and heal past traumas. Children as well as adults hold emotions and traumatic memories inside themselves. This not only affects how they feel, but creates energy filters that greatly influence how they respond in their lives, Transformational Breath has the ability to raise the energy of the suppressed emotions and memories and therefore clear cellular memories and emotions from the past. This gives way to deeper more positive emotional states to be felt and expressed. 

Raise self-awareness and self-esteem. Educators and therapists are finding the link to many of youth’s problems as being low self-esteem. They long for and search for ways of increasing this precious attribute at the earliest opportunity. Part of the journey in Transformational Breath is the ability to tap into more authentic aspects of oneself and look at, and let go of, false personas which act as defense mechanisms. They become no longer needed because when children breathe, they feel the newly created safety in the presence of their own true nature and self. This is the part of us that knows and loves itself unconditionally. Self-esteem reaches a new high. 

Develop a deeper spiritual connection and expression. Many children feel lost in this world because of the diminishing state of their connection to their Spiritual nature. It is commonly stated that up to a certain point children are magical and are fully open to inner worlds and realms. When and why they lose the ability to enjoy the mystical, and experience the part of them that exists beyond the physical, no one can say. One of the ultimate goals and intentions of Transformational Breath is to re-establish that connection by raising the vibrational frequency of the breather through the high energy vibration introduced by the Transformational Breath breathing pattern. The commonly reported spiritual experiences that occur in Transformational Breath become an integrated part of the breather's life, and the expression of their Spiritual attributes develop as well. 

Imagine what our lives would have been like if we had never lost that connection to our Spirit. BREATHING ...what better legacy could we give our children? 

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