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Intention Of Transformational Breath®

by judith kravitz Jun 05, 2022

by Dr. Judith Kravitz 

Transformational Breath® is a powerful self-healing breathwork modality that integrates and heals on every level of our being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Using a FULL connected breathing pattern Transformational Breath brings awareness and life-force into the entire body, clears mental tapes, integrates suppressed feelings (imprints) stored in the subconscious, and enhances the connection to and experience of Presence. 

The intentions of Transformational Breath are multifaceted and begin with the facilitator’s intention to support the overall intentions of the process, which are to:

  1. Assist in fully opening the breathing pattern of the client.
  2. Facilitate the integration of suppressed emotions and memories. 
  3. Support the connection to the client’s Presence and greater expression of his / her Spiritual nature. 

The next aspect of intention in Transformational Breath is to support the client’s intentions in the session. These intentions are explored before each session. 

The next important area of intention, present in every session, is that the facilitator hold the space for the intention of Spirit to manifest. This could be known or unknown to the client and facilitator. This last intention allows the results to transcend from the realm of human possibilities to unlimited good. 

An important part of the Transformational Breath Facilitator Training Program is focused on developing the consciousness of the Facilitator In-training. The awareness that is cultivated within Transformational Breath Facilitators is called Miracle Consciousness, which essentially is experiencing life from a Spiritual Perception (a true knowing of perfection) rather than Human Perception (the senses). This transformed consciousness is emphasized as the most valuable transformational tool a Transformational Breath facilitator develops. Having a Spiritually-oriented consciousness definitely has an impact on the overall intentions of the breathing sessions. 

The first and foremost objective in a Transformational Breath session is to open up the respiratory system and create an open, flowing breath. Most people have very restricted breathing patterns which primarily come from shutting down parts of the respiratory system to suppress unwanted or unfelt memories or feelings. 

As the facilitators guide clients into breathing into the traditionally protected and restricted areas they are able to not only bring awareness and energy into those parts of the body but are also able to facilitate accessing and integrating suppressed energy patterns (emotions and memories) that have been stored there. 

This integration is based on a principle of physics called the law of entrainment wherein the energy of the breathing (high vibration) comes into contact with the energy of the suppressed material (lower vibration) resulting in the higher energy entraining or raising the frequency of the lower energy. This represents a permanent transformation of that particular pattern. 

One of the more interesting aspects of Transformational Breath is the understanding of the correlation between a person’s breathing pattern and what is going on in their life, at the levels of personality, behaviors, the subconscious and areas of expression. 

We call this understanding Breathing Analysis and it is a very succinct science. It is an actual reading of one's relationship with life or the life-force. Having the specific information about what the individual breathing pattern means gives Transformational Breath Facilitators the ability to support the breather in several ways. We are able to give supportive affirmations to help in the process of opening the breath and reprogram limiting beliefs in the subconscious. 

We are also able to identify their breathing pattern with major attitudes and behaviors that show up in their lives thus enabling us to assist clients to be more conscious of their actions and choices. 

During a breathwork session, emotional imprinting is felt during the integration process. As we know that the connected breathing assists in keeping the energy in motion, we encourage clients to fully feel the emotions they are accessing. They are also coached to continue their breathing to complete the integration of the imprint. The integration is created by the high energy of their breathing pattern. 

If the respiratory system is kept open during this stage of the session the pattern will fully integrate and the client will have resolution with minimum feelings of discomfort after the session. Things may be different in the client’s life after the session as energy continues to move and processing continues. However, most of the suppressed material accessed gets integrated during the session as opposed to working it out in our lives. 

There are some major differences between Transformational Breath and other known breathwork processes. One of the most significant is the skill and importance in opening the respiratory system along with the understanding of the meaning of the client’s individual breathing pattern. In Transformational Breath, we use “hands-on” in a variety of ways for several reasons. First, we apply pressure to relax the muscles which control respiration; then we use a form of acupressure to activate cellular memories that get integrated with breathing. We also use movement and sound as well as to create pressure and resistance to assist clients in moving through patterns of control. 

Another defining aspect of Transformational Breath is the use of invocations in each session to co-create and invoke the presence of the Beings of Light for guidance, support, connection, and completion. Once again, by consciously invoking the Spiritual, the experience can go from the realms of limited good to infinite possibilities. 

The use of sound and toning are valuable components in Transformational Breath for several reasons. Pure sounds hold a high frequency similar to the energy that open connected breathing generates. Toning is utilized to create integration, especially at times when the physical or emotional energy becomes so intense that breathing is difficult. Making sounds and moving the body can help open constricted areas in one's breath. By toning, some of the unexpressed is able to be freed up which creates more openness in the breath and also in our feelings. 

Transformational Breath is an independent, powerful, effective self-healing breathwork system. And yet when The Presence Process (TPP) is used alongside Transformational Breath, the benefits increase profoundly. TPP gives us a clear path and practice to continue our integrative work on our own. It helps us develop a consistent breathing practice and not only gives us the understanding of our journey away from Spirit but also the keys which unlock way back to our Vibrational selves. 

Another wonderful gift I received from TPP was the understanding of when our emotional imprinting took place and our passageway back to that space to work with our issues at their causal level. This is so important because this is the only way we are able to reach true resolution of our seemingly never-ending repetitious life dramas. 

This understanding and appreciation of the sacredness of the emotional processing during sessions has added greatly to Transformational Breath. Knowing that our feelings are the closest vibration to our Spiritual Selves and by feeling them unconditionally we are able to access our Presence. When we are unconditionally present with our feelings we are able to go through the energetic doorway to our Presence. 

The focus of the weekly assignments in TPP are the most perfect way to learn to work with our unhealed emotions giving our minds exercises which bring more clarity and awareness into our lives. For example, we are reminded over and over again that the experience or person who upsets us is not the problem but rather the messenger who has brought us the message of the inner emotional pain of the young child inside of us. This child’s unresolved pain shows up in our lives over and over again until we are able to access that part of ourselves and feel those emotions unconditionally. 

I now recommend to everyone who does Transformational Breath to do The Presence Process. I know of no better way to carry on and go further in the deep opening, integration, and spiritual connection that gets initiated in our breathing sessions. By utilizing the great gift that Michael Brown has brought to us in The Presence Process and Transformational Breath, we are finally able to find our way back to Source. 


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