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Inspiring Love

by judith kravitz Jun 05, 2022

by Dr. Judith Kravitz 

[This is a summary of the keynote talk that Judith gave at the 2009 Global Inspiration Conference outside of Mexico City (July 6-13) ]. 

The theme of this international conference was “Inspiring to Love”, which really seemed to fit because Mexico City is reported to be the heart chakra of the planet. Having a global conference there with the theme of Love seemed so perfect. 

Why is love important? Many feel that our essence is love, that we ARE love. We all have within us infinite unconditional love. The love I speak of is beyond words; it is all-accepting and non-judging. 

Love is the answer to all questions. No matter what comes up, if we choose love as the solution then we have won, even though it might look as if we lost something in this world. For example, say we seem to have lost our boyfriend, but if we handle the situation with love then we have passed the test and have really won. We are given many of these tests that initiate us into higher orders of love, and when we choose the path of love, we pass that initiation. The master Jesus was the perfect example of unconditional love by asking for his persecutors’ forgiveness while being crucified. 

Some say that there are only two emotions, love and fear and we are always choosing one or the other. How do we know which one we have chosen? How does our choice feel? If it feels good and expansive then we have chosen love and if we feel contracted and uneasy then we have picked fear. 

Most of us have been programmed and trained in loving conditionally, which means I will love you if you do what I want, or meet my expectations, or be who I think you should be. We are all transitioning into a truer state of loving, where we love everyone and everything exactly as it is, seeing the perfection and spiritual essence of all. Unconditional love is what defined the true enlightened ones. There have been many beings with wisdom, but the true masters were not earmarked by the information they had, but with the love and peace that they shared that wisdom with. 


In exploring the subject of love for this talk I began looking into the matters that motivate people in this world. Even though everyone is love and wants to experience love, love is not everyone’s bottom line. Our bottom line is what is our baseline of choice when we have to make our ultimate decisions. Some have chosen money, some power, some importance. I began to realize clearly that love has been my bottom line and could feel the rightness of that path for me. Knowing that when I have to make a major decision that my ultimate choice has been the most loving one, regardless of external outcomes. To me the earth is the school of love and perhaps we are all here to remember love as our bottom line. This is the key to self-love, learning how to trust and appreciate ourselves and knowing we will make the right choices no matter what. Choosing love is the ultimate indication that we are truly present for ourselves. 


It is commonly known and accepted that we have 7 major chakras mapped to our physical body. Chakras are energy centers that govern certain areas of our expression in our lives and they are either open or closed. 

When they are open, pure light, or the kundalini energy, runs through the chakras via our spine activating the life force stimulated by our breath moving through our full respiratory system. Some of these chakras get blocked from shutting down from past traumas, holding on to suppressed emotions, and negative thoughts and programs in the subconscious. This is clearly shown by restricted breathing patterns that limit the flow of that pure light energy or the lifeforce. Here is a simple image of the chakras and what areas of expression they govern. 

1st Chakra (Root): blocked – ungrounded; open - grounded and focused
2nd Chakra (Sacral): blocked - repressed sexuality and creativity; open - creativity and sexuality 

3rd Chakra (Solar plexus): blocked - our fears; open - expression of our power and joy
4th Chakra (Heart): blocked - holding on to grief and anger; open - expression of love and higher will 

5th Chakra (Throat): blocked - expression of feelings and self; open - expression of Self
6th Chakra (Third eye): blocked - confusion and lack of clarity; open - inner vision and clarity 

7th Chakra (Crown): blocked - disconnected from Spirit; open - connection to Spirit and Guidance 

Our 4th chakra governs our expression of love, the 5th and higher influence our spiritual connection and expression and these chakras when open 

and clear become the doorway to our Spirit and mystical life. 

Our breath when flowing openly can and does work with the Kundalini (life force) energy to clear and open the positive expression in each chakra. We all need to learn to breathe in a way that supports the natural flow of life force energy and the clearing and opening of the chakras. 

This is one of the fundamental objectives in Transformational Breath®, to work with the flow of life force in a specific way to stimulate the clearing and opening of each chakra so that our energy flow is nowhere restricted in our bodies and energy field. 

One of the natural results of this process is the full opening of our heart chakra and the healing of the pain and traumas that might have closed it in the first place. This results in greater access to our love expression. Sometimes this happens for someone in their first session and sometimes it is an energetic journey to get to the heart chakra and above. The path is always the same, beginning to breathe in the first chakra (Physcial) and working up to the 4th (Emotional), then higher (Spiritual), the same flow as the Kundalini energy movement in the spine. 

As the life force energy moves higher than the heart center, (i.e. throat, third eye, and crown) our love becomes more spiritually influenced. So we can in fact “inspire” our love and breathe consciously to access and express it in unprecedented ways. We then become more and more aware of who we are as love and allow it to help experience why we are really here.

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