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Going For It!

by judith kravitz Jun 05, 2022

By Dr. Judith Kravitz 

This is the year we get to "Go For It!". What does that mean? Why is that important in this particular era of time? Many have been “treading” through life, putting out a minimal level of effort that reaps a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at a somewhat mundane level. 

What would our lives be like if we put ourselves out in a new way? If we were able to push past our fears and fully express our gifts and love anywhere, anytime. How would our experiences change if there was nothing holding us back, and we gave our all to whatever we were doing? If we took that extra step -- the one we have been ignoring and thereby maybe settling for less than the fullness of life. What areas of your life would you like to see improved? Relationships, health, fulfilling your mission, financial? All of these? What if you could achieve a better quality of life by making a commitment to go for it, to reach out when previously you held back, to go the extra mile, take the risk and to hang in there beyond the past comfortable quitting places? 

I had a big realization and inner pushing about going for it on my first trip out in the new year. I was on the plane heading to visit my daughter in the Bahamas. There was an elderly gentleman sitting next to me, who pointed on a piece of paper to all his trips to Boston this coming month. He then relayed to me that he was flying every week from Florida for chemo for his lung cancer and how hard it was for him to breathe. I looked over and noticed that there was no breath in the lower part of his respiratory system and a small amount of air going into his upper chest. I then felt this inner surge to go where I previously may not have gone. 

I told him that he was not using his diaphragm and that was the reason he was having trouble breathing. He asked me to show him. I put my hand on his belly and asked him to breathe in, immediately he took a backwards breath, tummy going in on the inhale and out on the exhale. I began coaching him to expand his tummy. After a few minutes he was able to get a few breaths in the lower respiratory system and his whole body began to unwind, from head to toe. I also noticed folks around us were watching with curiosity and amusement. The flight attendant even came up and asked if everything was okay. Not necessarily the kind of attention I was seeking on a plane, and very different than my usual comfortable anonymous cocoon I usually travel in. Yet, it was like a light went off in this man's being. In less than five minutes he had changed his ability to breathe and thereby significantly improved his physical capacities and the quality of his life. This I know. 

We continued for a few more minutes until I knew he really understood how to engage his diaphragm and expand his belly on the inhale. He was amazed and grateful. I gave 

him some homework and our website address. It was such a clear example of how going that extra step, making that unexpected effort brought such a big result and how easy it would have been to not say a word, and thereby miss such a great opportunity. 

Not long after that experience I had another opportunity to once again move past my comfort zone and bring who I am and what I do into a very unusual place. On my way out of the Bahamas on that very same trip, I was going through my third security check. This last one (I hoped) had three native women who, for whatever reason, needed to go through my luggage. Needless to say there were some unordinary things in my suitcase, (i.e. healing tools etc.) I responded candidly as to what the interesting things were, and one security agent asked me, “Do you read minds?” I said, “No, but I read ‘breaths’”. Of course, they were fascinated. So right there in the security line I gave three breathing analyses. Each person had a different breathing pattern and they recognized their own traits as I described what each of their patterns meant. The line behind us was growing a bit impatient, so I hurried along and gave them all some homework. 

Once again a golden chance to “go for it”, step out of the norm and offer myself in an unorthodox way and make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes going for it will seem scary and yet the joy and exhilaration that follows can bring us to a new level of living and excitement. 

What would be different in your life if you took those extra steps and efforts and go to new uncharted places? Every moment and situation gives each of us an opportunity to extend ourselves in a bigger way. I for one feel excitement from the anticipation of what will come from going beyond my past efforts and giving more in every moment. 

It is that type of effort which will allow us to not only fully share the gifts we have in Transformational Breath® but also bring our hearts and love to the world in a greater more wonderful way. So join me in making a new commitment to “Go for it!” 


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