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Getting Fully Present with the Presence Process

by judith kravitz Jun 05, 2022

by Judith Kravitz 

Have you ever had the experience of finding someone or something that is such a perfect match that it seemed like it was meant to be, like they were made for each other? 

This is the absolute feeling I have had about the book, The Presence Process and Transformational Breath® since reading it and beginning The Presence Process itself, this spring. The Presence Process is a book that inspires you and then takes you through an extensive 10 week 

program, with the ultimate goal of not only becoming more present in your life, but to access and integrate deep suppressed emotional pieces from our early origins. 

The Presence Process, by Michael G, Brown, is not only one of the most profound books I have ever read but the most perfect supplement to Transformational Breath you could ever imagine. Michael is an authentic, loving, conscious being, who through a seriously painful physical condition 20 years ago was led to develop this highly effective and Divinely-guided journey into one's subconscious to the essence of the soul. 

It has been quite a while since I had found a book and process that engendered such awe and appreciation for not only how much opened and moved in me, but how perfectly it fit as a supplemental or partner tool with Transformational Breath and how masterfully written it is. 

About two years ago several people told me about The Presence Process (TPP) and as you might guess folks tell me about a lot of things that they think might be of interest. One of those people Marcia Bailey, a Certified Transformational Breath Trainer in Michigan, gave me a copy of the book. I still did not explore it. Then several more Transformational Breath Facilitators told me of the impact it was having on their lives. So early last spring I began reading the book. There have been a few major books in my life that seem to have a life of their own, actually seeming “alive”, and which acted as a major transformational presence in my life. TPP was definitely one of them, along with A Course in Miracles and the Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. 

Once I began the book it was like some powerful force started working within me. I felt compelled to follow through and do the Process as prescribed, regardless of what other conditions and activities were going on in my life. There was a part of me that knew what an important step this Process journey was to me and the value it had to Transformational Breath and all its Facilitators. I followed through with the reading and exercises with a strong level of determination and commitment. It seemed to me like I was being given a gift that my soul had been waiting for a long time. Almost like one of the final important pieces of life’s puzzle called, “becoming fully present and aware", was now available. 

The journey of TPP is not an easy one. It is one which Michael feels people take only through inspiration and guidance and not before they are really ready for it. There have been quite a few days where I had consciously accessed deep original suppressed emotional pieces that reached to the core vibration of my being, and thus spent a number of times breathing all through the night to ultimately find peace and acceptance on the other side. 

The first two sections of the book are to prepare you to understand the value and commitment involved in undertaking the journey of the TPP. And to familiarize us with the challenges and changes that would lie ahead if, one in fact chooses to go on, and do the next 10 weeks. 

Then if you have chosen to go ahead with the actual process there are ten one-week programs you would do that are geared to change your life and perspective in a major way. It is really about becoming fully present in each moment without the filters of the past. Then knowing and expressing our true authentic selves and find our Unity with all. 

Each week has some constants and some variables. The one regular part of the process Michael emphasizes over and over again is to do constant connected breathing twice a day for 15 minutes. He understands the value of the breath to bring us to the subconscious, and access our deepest unprocessed past emotions, and to ultimately integrate them into a higher energy state. One of the valuable things Transformational Breath can add to that practice is the understanding how breathing into certain areas with specific physical point holding can deepen and enhance the breathing even more. Along with the breathing are weekly key “Presence activating statements” to concentrate on throughout the day and also during our breathing to attain a twofold benefit. 

One, to become aware of a higher reality and focus our mind on that to allow us to gain entry into each present moment as it unfolds. Second, to stimulate our understanding of our Oneness with our Presence and the unification of the Presence in all. Unbelievably effective and life changing, the combination of a committed intensified breathing practice with a concise way to work with our mind and look at its unproductive creations. 

Another important aspect of TPP as it relates to Transformational Breath, is that Michael understands that our emotional wounds are anchored in the subconscious before the age of six and cannot be accessed intellectually .The conscious connected breath then becomes the tool to allow us to access these unconscious feelings which run our lives. They have taken form before our intellectualization and therefore cannot fully be assessed with the mind. 

So we have the gift through Transformational Breath to go to the core of our initial separation from Presence, and reconnect through the accessing and healing of our core emotions. 

I have been guided to make TPP a required book for all new Facilitators taking Level IV, and give the strongest possible recommendation for all existing Facilitators and breathers to embark on this self discovery and mastery process, not only to enhance their sharing of Transformational Breath, but also a huge step in their personal transformational path. 

I completed the ten week program several months ago, and guess what? I began TPP again, as Michael recommends that we do it at least three times. I wholeheartedly agree as I am getting even more understanding and movement the second time around. And I can only imagine the expansion in the third cycle. 

I know that TPP is a very important step in our enlightenment process and can think of nothing more powerful than the genius of TPP combined with magic of Transformational Breath. The two are meant to be shared together. They will stretch you to your limits. You will feel Presence behind the scenes guiding every step and grateful for the opportunity to take such new quantum leaps on your spiritual odyssey. 

The Presence Process and its affinity to Transformational Breath inspired our Introductory Program called the Presence of BreathTM. More details online at:

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