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Benefits of Transformational Breath® 

transformational breath foundation Jun 05, 2022

When we change the way we breathe, our world is transformed. We find more peace and joy in each moment. Our lives continually improve. 

Improve your Health from the Inside Out 

Restrictive breathing patterns support subconscious defense mechanisms to "stuff down" unpleasant emotions. In fact, such unhealthy breathing patterns are often the result of previous attempts to cope with traumatic emotional or physical events dating back as early as birth. When feelings go unexpressed, they are consciously repressed or subconsciously "suppressed" (i.e., stored in the mind and body as chronic tension). Inevitably, unexpressed feelings/emotions are eventually expressed as pain and disease. Since feelings are a form of energy, which cannot be destroyed (as proven by Einstein years ago) but can only change form, it is our responsibility to transform this energy before it causes disease in our bodies and/or minds. 

Live in Abundance 

Breathing is the one involuntary metabolic function that becomes voluntary the moment we choose to take the reigns. This begins to explain why Transformational Breath ultimately leads to the vivid experience of co-creating our lives consciously instead of being the result of random thoughts and events. We can choose to be at the mercy of life, or we can choose to master it. Once we take the reigns, creating abundance becomes as simple as receiving it. Most often, a lack of abundance is the result of a belief in "never enough" or "not feeling worthy." Transformational Breath clears out these limiting beliefs, and we begin to notice and eliminate habitual "self-sabotage" behaviors. 

Heal Relationships 

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who always seems to want to control your behavior, your thoughts, your life? Most people are conditioned to believe that the only way to be loved is to have power over others. This way, we believe, we can feel secure (i.e., needed, wanted, desired). Transformational Breath brings a whole new perspective to relationships because it facilitates a vivid, undeniable level of communication with Spirit. Through this connection, we realize that we already have access to all the love we could possibly want and of a quality we could never get by manipulating people. The question transforms from "how much can I get from you" to "how much will you allow me to give to you." 

Build Strength On All Levels 

The best athletes would not be the best without understanding the importance of full diaphragmatic breathing. Once understood, they must then master the breath as a primary tool. It brings focus to the mind, energy to the body in general, and strength to the muscles specifically. It also increases focus, performance, and endurance. 

Increase Your Energy Level and Reduce Stress 

Do you ever feel frustrated about not having enough energy to do all the things you would like to 

do? Increasing oxygen levels in your bloodstream is key to increasing the energy available to your mind and to your body. Seventy percent (70%) of our energy comes from our breathing. Transformational Breath sessions energize you with a large immediate influx of oxygen. It also retrains your breathing mechanisms (muscles, lung tissue, habitual patterns) to take in more oxygen when stressed instead of the anxiety-ridden flight or flight reactions. 

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