Certification Rights Letter



To preface, general rights to use the name Transformational Breath®, or any similar name, are governed by Trademarks, both Registered and Common Law rights around the world.

Breath Ventures, Inc., Tilton, NH USA dba Transformational Breath Foundation owns a handful of registered trademarks internationally and seeks to determine who is legally permitted to market the brand as it applies to Breathwork, and how such marketing is conducted. Our original Trademark Certificate link may be viewed at: www.transformationalbreath.com/legal.html or on the USPTO.gov website. Other trademarks are available through searches in databases of other countries.
The only individuals who are licensed to market themselves as a practitioner in Transformational Breath® must meet the requirements to become a CERTIFIED TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH FACILITATOR. This includes those who are additionally certified as: TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH GROUP LEADER, CERTIFIED TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH TRAINER or CERTIFIED TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH SENIOR TRAINER.

Further, one’s Certification needs to be “maintained” on a periodic basis to stay current on the latest skills and techniques, as our curriculum is rigid and we expect our Facilitators to teach Transformational Breath® as they are taught. Transformational Breath® is intended to be a standardized and recognizable experience around the globe. Practitioners not adhering to those standards face revocation of their Certification including all rights to use the Brand, Certification Title, and proprietary materials.

We feel that our Facilitators are the most highly trained Breathworkers in the world and are granted Certification only after 500 hours of work, which includes Classroom Training, Personal Study, Fieldwork, and an extended Internship. Other certifications up to Senior Trainer fulfill additional hours that may reach 925 in total. Full details of our Training Path and Curriculum are posted on our website at: www.transformationalbreath.com/docs/TBF-Program-Packet.pdf
The most reliable way to identify a CERTIFIED TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH FACILITATOR is to consult the website directory

Finally, the group tasked with Certifying practitioners, and enforcing our rights and standards are listed online HERE. These include our Corporate Board, Executive Officers, and our Regional Officers worldwide. Legal questions may be directed to our Regional Officers if one is named for your country or region. Otherwise contact us at: [email protected]

Legal and Compliance Office Breath Ventures, Inc. USA