About TBF

THE Premier Breathwork Training School in the World


  • To bring Transformational Breath® into educational systems, prisons, rehabilitation centers, to those experiencing sickness or need.
  • To establish Transformational Breath as an available and fundamental tool to assist in staying healthy, energized, mentally and emotionally clear, and have the ability to be fully present to our Spiritual Nature in its full expression.
  • To establish Breathwork Training Centers and teachers throughout the world to support the education and sharing of Transformational Breath with individuals and those wanting to improve their breathing and to train professionally.
  • To support the ushering in of higher levels of Consciousness and Well-Being.
  • To educate as many as possible through personal instruction and sessions, written materials, classes and trainings, and other means of media the importance and methods of effective and integrative breathing.
  • To hold and practice the awareness of Miracle Consciousness for all life and the planet.
  • To support breathwork research, charitable projects, and works that are in service to the greater global good.


Judith Kravitz is a Breathwork pioneer. Beginning in the late 1970s, she has molded the crest of modern breathwork with love, skill and intuition helping hundreds of thousands worldwide. She is author of the book Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly which has been translated into eight languages. In 1994, she founded the Transformational Breath Foundation and its training programs, and still serves as its Executive Director.

A mother of eight, she has taught at the college level, and appeared on 50+ television or radio programs. Her Breathwork has reached into 54 countries, and she has led trainings, workshops, clinics, and master classes, at healing centers and conferences around the world, including The Deepak Chopra Center, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Rowe Conference Center, New York Open Center, Omega Institute, Hippocrates Institute, Optimum Health Institute, The Global Inspiration Conference, The LifeCo (Turkey), and many others.

Judith has received accolades from many well-known people including Deepak Chopra MD, Christine Northrup, MD, Goldie Hawn, Norman Lear, plus many others.

Judith Kravitz breathwork pioneer

TBF Board of Directors

  • Dr. Judith Kravitz, New Hampshire USA ♡
  • Eugenia Altamira, Maine USA
  • Jessica Unmaniji King, Florida USA
  • Abe Taliaferro, California USA
  • Moni Osborne, California USA