Transformational Breath®

Increased Physical Well-being

  • Increases oxygenation throughout the body
  • Improves energy levels
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Resolves addictions
  • Improves well-being for many conditions and ailments such as Stress Reduction, Respiratory ailments, Headaches, Low energy, Psychosomatic illnesses, Anaerobic diseases, and many others.

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Improved Mental and Emotional States

  • Reduces worry and anxiety
  • Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Clears past traumas and dramas
  • Increases life enjoyment
  • Relieves depressive and negative emotions
  • Improves self-esteem

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Spiritual Expansion

  • Deepens meditation
  • Strengthens the connection with the Divine
  • Expands awareness
  • Develops spiritual gifts
  • Allows fuller expression of love and joy

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The Breathwork

Dr. Judith Kravitz first experienced conscious breathwork in the mid-seventies through the breathing practice known as Rebirthing. This type of breathwork, (or breath work), was designed to release various traumas sustained by individuals during birth.

She was then guided to combine conscious breathwork with her healing practice as a counseling minister. As Judith began breathwork with her clients, she had insights to make it more effective, powerful and lasting. Over time enough changes were made in the form, consciousness, techniques and intention of her practice of breathwork that she named the new process Transformational Breath.

Today, Transformational Breath is taught and experienced as a powerful self-healing modality. This technique has expanded beyond Leonard Orr's work and Dr. Stanislav Grof's Holotropic modality. We are a global breathwork success story.

Judith has integrated various principles from metaphysics, Kundalini Yoga, breath analysis, sound healing, bodymapping plus other healing and spiritual principles into the most therapeutic Breathwork training system known today (Transformational Breath®).

DISCLAIMER of Liability

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Breathwork FAQ

What are the benefits of Transformational Breath?
How can Transformational Breath be experienced?
How does Transformational Breath work?
How is Transformational Breath different than other breathing methods?
How does Transformational Breath compare with yogic breathing patterns?
What is the value of learning and practicing Transformational Breath over other holistic approaches to wellness?
How do I prepare for a Transformational Breath session?
What can I experience during a Transformational Breath session?
How does Transformational Breath affect physical health?
What problems may be alleviated through Transformational Breath?
Is Transformational Breath dangerous?
Is it alright for individuals with health problems to do Transformational Breath?
Does Transformational Breath offer different benefits than exercise to increase oxygenation and decrease stress?
Is it alright for a pregnant woman to have a Transformational Breath session?
How does Transformational Breath affect the emotions?
What is the relationship between Transformational Breath and spiritual growth?
Is there an optimum way to breathe, as we go about our daily business?
Can an individual who has participated in Levels 1 through 3 facilitate a session for another person?

Breathwork Fact List

  • Our breathwork has been endorsed by well known integrative medicine experts such as Deepak Chopra MD and Christiane Northrup MD.
  • It is different than other forms of integrative breathwork or Yogic Pranayama.
  • Utilizes a full relaxed breath that originates in the lower abdomen and repeats the inhalation and exhalation without pausing.
  • Incorporates personal intentions and spiritual practices acceptable to all.
  • Integrates other healing modalities such as toning, hands-on, and somatic integration.
  • Includes a Breath Analysis that correlates with personal issues in life.
  • Can be practiced alone after a few facilitated sessions.

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Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly

Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly

Defines the Optimum Healing & Highest Potential of Conscious Breathwork.