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Enlightened Coaching

Jun 05, 2022

Enlightened Coaching is a method of assisting clients become more aware, change behaviors, and achieve goals by leading them with questions through their own inner revelation process and supporting them in following through with their own objectives. 

In Enlightened coaching we utilize inner awareness, client directed questions, "coaching attitudes", reprogramming and guided support in the conceptualization, formulation and actualization of their identified goals. 

Enlightened Coaching is a continuation of the foundation of skills and consciousness embodied in the Transformational Breath Facilitator Training. Its purpose is to give breath facilitators another level and means of working with clients. The work of Enlightened Coaching is assisting clients tap into their internal feelings and knowledge and utilize conscious awareness and action for the fulfillment of specific goals. 

The journeying process in coaching is primarily when the coach asks questions that leads the client to his own feelings, understanding and answers in specific unresolved life issues, as selected by the client. 

Transformational Breath Facilitators already have a background of psycho-spiritual counseling, where client leverage is created for breathing sessions through questions directed towards leading the client to their own session goals. This is based on the understanding that the client possess all the information they need is inside of themselves. And our job is to ask the questions that assist them in finding those already existing answers. 

In Enlightened Coaching this understanding and inquiry process continues and goes even further to help the client in becoming aware of their behaviors, and attitudes that either add to or hinder manifestation of their chosen goals. 

The overall attitude in Enlightened Coaching is one of non judgment and acceptance of the reflection or "mirror" aspect of our experiences. For Facilitators this has previously been developed through the sharing and practice of "Miracle Consciousness" and "The Work" of Byron Katie. Enlightened Coaching thus allows us to bring unconditional love and acceptance more consciously into the objective and verbal interaction part of the work we do.

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